The National Association for Child Development (NACD) designs individualized Targeted Developmental Intervention (TDI) programs for individuals of all ages, ranging in function from the gifted to the severely brain injured. These programs are taught to the families to implement at home. NACD has found their caseload to benefit greatly from the use of the iPad and its various applications. This list was donated by one of their clients that works for Apple.

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Table of contents

Click on the application category to jump theappropriatechart. There are 176 apps in total.

  1. Communication Apps >>
  2. Organization Apps>>
  3. Reading Apps>>
  4. Writing Apps>>
  5. Math Apps>>
  6. Music Apps>>
  7. Song Apps>>
  8. Art Apps>>
  9. Game Apps>>
  10. Accessibility Apps>>
  11. Link to download the List >>



Communication Apps


Organization Apps


Reading Apps


Writing Apps


Math Apps


Music Apps


Song Apps


Art Apps


Game Apps


Accessibility Apps


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  1. Deborah

    “11.Link to download the List >> ”

    does not work. Would love to have this on my iPad for my next meeting with my son’s staff.

  2. Mrs. M


    Please consider donating to our Donors Choose project, “iPad For Preschoolers”, aimed at teaching my preschool students with the use of cutting-edge technology.

    iPad For Preschoolers

    Thank you!


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