In today’s chaotic and fast paced society, one of the most common complaints is the struggle to keep up with it all. Children, teens and adults are balancing everything from homework, extra curricular activities and chores to work projects, appointments and dinner planning. With the distraction of technology, it can be very difficult to stay focused, especially for individuals diagnosed with ADD. Executive functioning, having the ability to plan, organize, remember and carry out tasks, does not come naturally for everyone. Make the best use of technology at your fingertips by downloading apps to help you stay on track. We have put together a list of apps for improving executive function and organization. The best part of this list is that all of the apps are free. So, stop procrastinating and get busy. You can thank us later.

Wunderlist App

Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks FREE

Wunderlist is a handy task manager with a fun and simple interface. This app is great for work, home and play. Users will accomplish more during the day by using Wunderlist to organize tasks, create lists, set goals, save notes, share lists and more. Load Wunderlist on all your devices and sync data across all of your devices. Never lose or forget a task with Wunderlist’s due dates, reminders and notifications. And, if all that is not enough, email your tasks or print them and post them nearby. With its sleek, hip interface, Wunderlist is popular among teens and college students. Wunderlist is the perfect app for users with ADHD, learning disabilities, dementia or anyone who wants to stay organized and get more done.

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30/30 App

30/30 FREE

30/30 is a task management that can best be described as simple, attractive and useful. The app is built around the ’30/30 work cycle’ concept, which advocates a balanced approach to performance. 30/30 refers to alternating between work and rest in 30-minute increments. The method is based on the theory that productivity and creativity increase when one is intensely focused on a project for short amounts of time and in small chunks. In addition to functioning as a “reward,” the break allows the student’s mind to refresh. The 30/30 app is especially helpful for users who struggle with time management or ADHD.

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Evernote FREE

Evernote is a cloud-based storage system that allows students to access information from multiple devices and locations. Students can easily create notes, capture images, make checklists, or record audio on a mobile device or computer and make the information available on any other device or computer. The information in the notes is searchable, and notes can be tagged with keywords for easy retrieval. Location tagging is also automatically on. Students can create multiple folders to organize notes. This easy-to-use app helps students remember everything, stay organized, save ideas and improve productivity.

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