Happy New Year! 🎊 As 2018 comes to a close we thought we would take a look back at five of our most popular app reviews from 2018. This list includes our most accessed app reviews from the past year.


#1 Proloquo2Go (iOS – $249.99)

Proloquo2Go is a symbol-based communication app that gives a voice to those who cannot speak. Over 200,000 people already use this AAC app as a powerful tool for expressing themselves and increasing their communication skills and language development. Its innovative features let users, parents, teachers and therapists quickly personalize the app. Proloquo2Go is an AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) app used by people with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other diagnoses. It is available in English, Spanish, French, and Dutch for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Apple Watch.

Choiceworks App

#2 Choiceworks (iOS – $6.99)

Choiceworks is an app for helping children complete daily routines and tasks, understanding and controlling feelings and to improve their patience. Caregivers, teachers, and therapists use this app with students diagnosed with autism (verbal and non-verbal), ADD, and other learning disabilities to keep them on task and motivated.


#3 Children with Autism: A visual schedule (iOS – $12.99)

Children with Autism: A visual schedule is a wearable picture-based scheduler designed with children and adults with autism in mind. Using the iPad or iPhone app, a caregiver can make a visual schedule for the the wearer. There are included icons and icons/photos can be uploaded to the app to make custom icons. The schedule can then be sent to the wearer’s Apple Watch and will alert them when he/she needs to change tasks or start a new task.

DayCape App

#4 Daycape (iOS – Free)

DayCape is an app that allows therapists, teachers, parents, and even the child themselves to set up visual schedules. Benefiting grades pre-k through 5th, this app is an excellent way to help children with a variety of disabilities to manage their day. The app allows a user to set up activities for for the child using pre-set pictures, or by uploading personalized images. Once the activities are set up, notifications show up on the child’s device to remind them of the activities they have been assigned.

Birdhouse for Autism App

#5 Birdhouse – for Autism (iOS – Free, Android – Free)

Birdhouse – for Autism is an excellent app that offers caregivers the ability to keep track of behaviors, health and daily living tasks. Parents raising children with ASD designed this easy to use web and iPhone/Android application. It is supported by Chrome, Firefox and Safari but not compatible with Internet Explorer. Keep everything about ongoing care in one simple timeline. Organize behavior notes, nutrition, medical and doctor information, therapies, schedules, interventions, and more. Discover patterns and figure out how to improve care. Have this information at your fingertips anytime you need it, and share this information with anyone who needs to see it. Regain some control and sanity and watch how your care and outcomes improve and everyone’s life becomes better.


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