BridgingApps Favorite Apps for Special Needs 2019

Check out our newly updated BridgingApps Favorite Apps for Special Needs List! Click the link or image below:

Low Vision App List

Low Vision Awareness Month | BridgingApps for Low Vision List

February is Low Vision Awareness Month. BridgingApps has compiled a list of apps that have been developed specifically for people with low vision. These functional apps assist with everyday tasks, increase independence and generally make life easier. With a mobile…

Valentine's Day App List

BridgingApps Valentine’s App List 2019

BridgingApps has created a list of apps for Valentine’s Day that is sure to put you in the mood. 💝 From fun Valentine themed apps for kids to gift and date ideas for your sweetheart, we have an app for you!…

BridgingApps for Traveling Over the Holidays 🚙🎄🎁

Written By Guest Blogger Ashlee Goletz The holiday season is upon us! 🎄⛄️🎅🏼 For many families, that means traveling to see their loved ones. Whether it is by plane, train, car, or bus, holiday travel can be stressful and it helps…

BridgingApps Holiday App List 2018 🎅🏼🎄⛄️

Happy Holidays from BridgingApps! 🎅🏼🎄⛄️ We have put together a list of our favorite holiday apps for you and your family to enjoy. Click to see our full BridgingApps Holiday Favorites App List.            

older-adult image

App List for Older Adults and Seniors

BridgingApps believes the use of technology, the ability to identify apps, combined with information and training will be a powerful tool to improve the lives of older adults and seniors. Access to information, mobile technology and apps enable seniors to…

VoiceOver Apps

BridgingApps VoiceOver App List 🗣

At the request of BridgingApps users, we have created a new category within our App Search Tool filters for VoiceOver compatible apps. Click here to see the apps:

mother and daughter with ipad apps

Apps for Caregivers

Did you know that November is National Family Caregiver Month? As we turn to technology more and more to help manage our daily lives with apps like reminders, calendars, social media, and banking, it is only natural that we may find…

Apps for Transition List

BridgingApps Newly Updated Apps for Transition List

Transitioning from high school to college or work can be stressful, but taking adequate time to prepare and plan for transition can make for a much smoother process. For families and individuals with disabilities it is important to start planning ahead….

Halloween App List

BridgingApps Halloween App List 👻🍂🎃

Eek! Halloween is almost here. BridgingApps has compiled a list of our all-time favorite educational and fun Halloween apps to download for your little goblins. Click the image to view our full list of Halloween apps in our new app…

AAC App List

AAC Awareness Month 2018 | BridgingApps AAC App List

AAC Awareness Month is celebrated around the world each October. The goal is to raise awareness of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and to inform the public about the many different ways in which people communicate using communication devices. Check…

Quit Smoking Program Image

Freedom From Smoking Program

BridgingApps, a program of Easter Seals Greater Houston was awarded a grant from CVS Health Foundation to support tobacco cessation efforts helping key populations—individuals with disabilities, veterans, caregivers, and persons with behavioral health and substance abuse/recovery concerns– quit smoking for…

Apps for Parents Image

Back to School Apps For Parents 📱

Students are not the only ones getting back in the swing of things this time of year. Parents are too. BridgingApps knows that you are very busy, so we did some of the legwork on finding new resources for you…

Disaster Preparedness Using Smartphone Apps Features Videos

Filmed live in BridgingApps AT&T Assistive Touch Lab in Houston, Texas, Jana shared some great tips and tricks for disaster preparedness using smartphone apps and features. Preparing for emergencies and extreme weather events can be overwhelming for individuals with disabilities…