Apps for People with Special Needs

Imagine not being able to verbalize the most basic needs of everyday life. Now visualize having a device that overcomes this disabling condition and gives you the power to communicate with those who love and care for you.

T-21 Presentation

On February 5, 2011 Cristen Reat spoke to a group of parents, educators and therapists attending the second annual Trisomy 21 (T-21) conference in Houston, Texas.

Introduction Video to Proloquo2Go

Introduction Video to Proloquo2Go by Tricia, a special needs teacher. She covers getting started, how she uses Proloquo2Go in her class and how she recommends getting started and organizing the application.

Apple Launches iPad 2 March 11th

Apple Launches iPad 2 available March 11. The new iPad will help special needs users with a built in camera to help you customize communication apps right on the iPad itself.

A Spectrum of Apps for Students on the Autism Spectrum

Created by Heather Bridgman and Nick Weiland at the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence Disabilities (OCALI) for a presentation 11-18-10 at the OCALI Conference in Columbus, Ohio

Proloquo2Go Training in March 2011 SNApps4Kids Meeting

If you are a parent considering using Proloquo2Go with your child, a therapist wanting to learn more or a teacher who would like specific examples of how to use it with multiple students, you won’t want to miss this informative opportunity.

March 2011 Newsletter

Februaryhas been quite a month for! I am posting the March Newsletter a few days early. We upgraded to a new server. We already out grew our first hosting system and have now moved to a bigger server. Some…

Basic Proloquo2go Editing Directions

These directions came to us by way of a teacher atThe Arbor School. There were created to help the faculty customize Proloquo2Go for each individual class. If you would like to add anything, pleaselet us know. How to edit a…